What «likes» on «YouTube» give, how to put them and why?

In a short period of time, YouTube has gained immense popularity among bloggers and fans to watch interesting videos from all over the world. This video service has become the most visited and has billions of views. You can watch and download videos on any device in different parts of our planet.
How to make money on your channel?
Due to the rapid growth in popularity, the service has become an excellent platform for the highest-paid earnings on the Internet. The appeal of YouTube is that you can earn passive income. This requires:
create your own author channel;
monetize video;
connect an affiliate program;
show ads.
Having created his own channel and starting to earn money, the user will understand that they give “likes” on “YouTube”.
Anyone can carry out these procedures without problems. In addition, you can make money by watching other people’s videos. Free YouTube likes are good!
What are «likes» on «YouTube» for?
What do «likes» on «YouTube» give? For a channel to develop successfully and be able to monetize it, you need subscribers and «likes». Their total number per month is an important indicator for the channel. The channel owner will not have to relax, since earnings depend on the number of views, subscribers and «likes».
Many people are interested in the question: how much are «likes» on «YouTube»? But in reality, the channel owner is not paid anything for them. «Likes» are needed to measure the popularity of content. The more subscribers and people who have expressed their opinion by «like», the higher in the search results this video will be. This will eventually start bringing him more views. Actually, this is the essence of what «likes» on «YouTube» give.
Some users who do not have their own channel put «likes» in order to make it easier to search for the video they like.
How to «like» or «dislike» a video
You can express your attitude towards the watched video in a certain way. So, after the user went to any channel or video on YouTube and clicked on the view button, below the video, on the left, the name of the channel, the number and year when the video was uploaded and the number of subscribers will be shown. On the right side, the numbers indicate how many times users have watched this video. Below there is a button that makes it clear how to «like». It looks like a raised finger up, showing the number of positive reviews, and a lowered finger shows the number of negative («dislikes»).

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